NEED ROOM/COUCH - Chattanooga, TN


My Name’s Steph, I’m a 19 Y/o MTF from Chattanooga, and after my graduation of college, i am getting thrown out of my parent’s house. I do have a job and can help with utilities, but i am starting to get desperate on housing options, and the 11th of August, is the day i get tossed out. if anybody can help, please help. Thank You

More than welcome to crash on my couch until you are on your feet


Got this rad pin last Sunday.


i randomly came across this guy’s blog because i’m crazy and have a crush on him (along with like eleven other boys idk) but i think he knows that i’m on to him

shit on my face and tell me what to do

update: i didn’t find his blog randomly i just searched really hard for like three minutes because i’m a weird idiot